Top Four Friday Fun Picks

Top 4 Activision game programs


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Four really fun games from Activision for the Atari Video Computer System. Clockwise from the top, Enduro (1983), Keystone Kapers (1983), Pitfall (1982) and Laser Blast (1981). Enduro is one of the best auto racing game programs available for the Atari and I spent many hours playing this one Christmas with my brothers. Pitfall and Keystone Kapers are fun arcade platform style game programs that are easy to dump an evening on. Laser Blast is the only Activision game I ever earned a badge for, not sure if that's because it wasn't that hard or I was exceptionally good.

The wallpaper JPG and four BIN files for these game programs are included bundeled below in a ZIP archive.
Use an Atari VCS emulator like Stella to load these BIN files and run the game programs.


Game Programs,
Downloadable ZIP Archive
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